October 5, 2007

Celebrate Good Times

My dad spent the week with us. We celebrated his 80th birthday. What a wonderful visit!

Here’s a photo of him reading the advanced reader’s copy of my new novel.

Dad wasn’t the only one celebrating.

Books and Books, a wonderful independent bookstore, celebrates its 25th anniversary this month. Congratulations!

While at their Coral Gables location, I purchased and look forward to reading the following books:

1. The Name of This Book is . . . by Pseudonymous Bosch

2. If a Tree Falls at Lunch Period . . . by Gennifer Choldenko

3. The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian . . . by Sherman Alexie

4. Deadline . . . by Chris Crutcher

5. The Castle Corona . . . by Sharon Creech

Sharon Creech was speaking and autographing at the bookstore this past Tuesday.

Here’s a photo of Sharon Creech with another excellent writer, my dear friend, Sylvia Andrews (in pink).

And the celebrating didn’t end there.

Our youngest son became a teenager this past weekend. To celebrate his 13th birthday, I took him and a friend to STOMP. What a performance!

Using everything from tape measures to lighters to brooms to – yes – the kitchen sink (literally, filled with water and dishes and pots and pans), they created humor and movement and music that astounded.

These strong, young, imaginative performers are a testament to the magic of the creative spirit.

Here’s hoping you feed your creative spirit, read a good book or two and celebrate someone or something special.

Happy weekend,


Anonymous said...

So much to celebrate! I loved seeing the photo of your father reading YOUR book, and the photo of Sylvia Andrews and Sharon Creech-two terrific writers-is quite special. I can't wait to hear the details about the book signing at Books and Books. Happy belated birthday to Jake!

Anonymous said...

Donna, I'm "Celebrating Good Times" this evening -- I'm going to Sue Monk Kidd's book signing at 7pm here in Portland, Maine. (I need to see how a 'signing' is done so I'll be ready when it happens to me)

See you soon.... Dan R.

Anonymous said...

I'm trying to catch up (it's been a bit hectic).... Tell Jake I said, happy birthday to one Libra from another. And I want to borrow the Sherman Alexie book when you're done with it!!

Anonymous said...

you are so lucky that authors come to your bookstores and sign books and talk and stuff like that. Sharon Creech and Sue Monk Kidd are my two favorite authors (Walk Two Moons and The Secret Life of Bees are my favorite books) but where i live no authors come. except for our one local writer.