February 28, 2008

Politics Around the Country

Politics and Prose is an independent bookstore in D.C. I can’t wait to visit them next time we’re at the nation’s capital. And it’s nice to know they're carrying my book, which involves politics, prose and well, um, a really negligent Boob Fairy.

As the primary race heats up in Texas, the editors at DallasChild Blog mentioned some interesting political tidbits for kids, including a short review of AS IF BEING 12 ¾ . . .

"Head to your local library to peruse children's books about the election process. There are tons to choose from — one title we like in particular is As if Being 12 3/4 Isn't Bad Enough, My Mother is Running For President! by Donna Gephart. This book (for ages 9-12) is written from the perspective of a preteen girl who's mom is, well, running for president — and ruining her life! Girls will love this enjoyable tie-in to current events."

And right here in chilly South Florida (it’s 66 lovely degrees as I write this), the Palm Beach Post is offering a presidential puzzle a day. But hurry; it’s only during the month of February.

If you miss the Post’s puzzles, click over to my Web site and check out the Presidential Pet Matchup and the Political Words Seek-n-Find.

Hope you’re enjoying this most interesting (and historic) political race. I know am.

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