May 15, 2008

School Visits Abound This Month

Yesterday, I had a great time talking with the fourth and fifth grade students at Greenacres Elementary as part of their Career Day program.

Even though I didn’t show a giant alligator skull like the woman from the Wildlife Management, the kids were really enthusiastic, especially those who read my book in advance. Thanks to the teachers who introduced themselves to me and to the media specialist who gave me a tour of the library and TV studio. What an awesome school!

Then this afternoon, I had a fantastic time at Independence Middle School.

A big thank you to Ms. Petroccia, the media specialist, for filming a video promo to announce a book signing I’ll be doing at the school Wednesday the 21st. The six young actors, um, students not only did a fantastic job saying their lines, they had me laughing harder than I have in a long time with their hilarious expressions. Way to go, guys!

Then it was off to Ms. Drum’s 7th grade Language Arts class with a few 6th graders thrown in for good measure. Most of the students had already read my book, so they had lots of excellent questions, like this one:

“Ms. Gephart, when you were young, did you meet a lot of Reginalds?”

“You’d better believe it. Didn’t we all? There are a lot of Reginalds out there. Fortunately, I didn’t marry one!”

What a wonderful time I had with the kids! Thanks so much for inviting me to speak with your class, Ms. Drum!

Next, week I’m off to Jupiter Farms Elementary, a signing at Independence Middle and a home school workshop for creative writing. And a radio interview thrown in for good measure.

I may not be writing a whole lot this month, but I’m having a fun, exhilarating and exhausting time!



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