June 19, 2008

Shrieking and Signing

Sometimes, when I'm driving and see a cute couple pushing a baby in a stroller, I want to slam on the brakes, leap from my car and shriek, "Don't you realize that adorable baby will one day morph into an evil zombie from Planet Teenager?!!"

But I don't.


I showed no restraint, however, at our local Barnes & Noble.

While a woman was perusing the children's section along with two children, I oh-so-casually mentioned that I wrote the book they were standing in front of. "Yup. That's mine. Right there."

I think the woman wasn't sure whether to believe me or call store security, but I was wearing my "Be Careful Or I'll Put You In My Novel" T-shirt, which obviously proved I wrote the book the woman was now holding. And showing the girl. And . . . asking me to sign.

We talked awhile and she picked up another copy for herself. Hooray. Two books down. 98,753 to go.

If anyone happens to be in Vero Beach this Saturday, stop by Waldenbooks at the Indian River Mall between 1 pm and 3 pm. I'll be wearing a silly skimmer hat, like the girl on my cover and signing copies of my novel along with the very talented Carole Crowe, who will be signing her lovely picture book, Turtle Girl.

Not only will I wear a skimmer hat, I'll also wear a T-shirt with a picture of the cover of my novel on it as will my husband and, well, anything else we can think of to sell a few books and more importantly, embarrass our teenage sons.

Happy weekend,


Don Tate II said...

That's too funny. I could just see you doing that. I've been in the situation, and it's usually my son or wife who lets everyone know.

Wild About Words said...

Hey Don,

It's infinitely easier when someone else sings your book's praises, but alas, it was just me. And I'm often apt to jump right in and embarrass myself for the sake of a sale or two.

Sounds like you've been doing quite well. So happy for your successes!


Angela Ackerman said...
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Angela Ackerman said...

It's important to embarrass teenagers. My philosophy is to make my kids' lives just miserable enough that they see living in my basement until they're 40 as 'not an option'.


(congrats on the book! What a thrill to say, "That's my book, right there.")

Wild About Words said...

What a great philosophy! You should write a parenting book.
Thanks for the nice words about my book.