July 16, 2008

The Best Kind of Surprise Party

Sometimes being a writer comes in handy.

This afternoon, I was at my desk pretending to work, when our dog, Lady, barked because someone was at the door.

“Good dog, Lady. Keep us safe from big, scary, dangerous . . .”

"Oh, hi, Amy and Megan. What's up?"

"Um, we're making a surprise party for our mom. Can you come over at three?"


"Yup. That's when she gets home from picking our brother up from baseball camp."

It was 2:57.

I thought about the work on my desk and said, “Give me a minute. I'll be right over.”

This is the part where being a writer comes in handy.

I grabbed a birthday card from my closet (a published sample I'd gotten from Blue Mountain Arts) and a gorgeous autographed fish puzzle created by my talented friend, Janeen Mason.

Ta Dah! A gift!

I hustled across the street, gift in hand, to find a couple neighbors helping the girls tear construction paper into confetti for the big event.

When my neighbor, Donna, walked in, she was greeted by shouts of “Surprise” and handfuls of confetti thrown at her.

She showed her surprise and appreciation by saying, "Oh my, no one cleaned the house."

I stayed a few minutes and chatted before heading back to my home office, really happy that two little girls love their mom enough to create an impromptu surprise party for her -- clean house or not.

Way to go, Megan and Amy!

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