December 24, 2008

Holiday Surprise . . .

Christmas came early for one member of our family this year . . .

She just couldn't wait . . .

Our brother and sister-in-law sent a box of gifts, which we put under the tree.

Since Lady had gotten into the chocolate-covered pretzels my sister sent the other day, I gave this box a good sniff. "No food," I said to our oldest son, feeling safe to leave the box under the tree while we went out.

Uh-oh. Someone forgot that a dog's sense of smell is about 100 times more powerful than ours.

Lady recognized her favorite scent -- dried chicken strips -- and tore through the box (and her stocking!) with great vigor at exactly the right spot. She was rewarded with oodles of chicken strips and just a bit of plastic bag.

Guess who had a belly ache last night? (But is tail-wagging fine now.)

Here's hoping YOUR holidays are full of happy surprises!



Anonymous said...

ah lady!! hahaha thats a shame, but also pretty funny!

Anonymous said...

guess, i know, what not to send for next year. Hope lady is feeling ok. :-)