December 20, 2009

What's New and Exciting for the New Year?


Is it really almost 2010? What happened to 2009? And for that matter, what happened to 1986? I was way too busy trying to get my hair to be sufficiently poofy to pay attention to anything else.

Here at Wild About Words, January will ring in a BRAND NEW FEATURE -- The Top 6 1/2 List. Book publishing professionals, triathletes, clowns and others will share their top 6 1/2 ways to excel at whatever it is they excel at. It's going to be fun. It's going to be informative. It's going to start soon!

We'll also have our third annual Big Book Blog-O-Rama -- a list of the books I read/listened to in 2009. In 2007, I read 45 books and in 2008, a whopping 78 books. This year, my list of books falls somewhere in between. I'll share the whole list with you in January.

Care to guess how many books I finished in 2009? How many have you read? Any standouts to share?


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to the new feature. I'm going to guess 46 books

Dan G

Anonymous said...

the new feature sounds fun :))). Cant wait. six and a half?!? what a querky number. I love your creativity and style!! Everytime i read your blog post i just lol myself to death. Keep it coming! 6.5!

Sandra Miller-Louden said...

Hey everyone!
Now you're in my territory. I finish one book, pick another up. Keep a list too with brief notes. For 2009 so far, I've read 29 books; it'll be at least 30 within the next few days. I have two distinct lists, then throw in some personal favorites in between. 1: Newbery Gold & Silver Winners--finished 1998's Gold Winner, Out of the Dust by Karen Hesse--absolutely wonderful. 2: Time's 100 Greatest Books 1923-2005 with such classics as Play It As It Lays, The Bridge of San Luis Rey and The Heart of the Matter. Throw in some current classics such as Water for Elephants and Bee Season, plus some non-fiction--The Baby Thief (The Untold Story of Georgia Tann, the Baby Seller Who Corrupted Adoption)...and my goodness, what an exciting place to be...between the pages of a book! This is a great thread to start, Donna! Kudos! And I hope the commentary and give & take here simply flow!

Wild About Words said...

So great to hear from you. What a great way to choose your reading material. I loved Hesse's Out of the Dust. Ditto for Water for Elephants. And can't agree more: what an exciting place to be . . . between the pages of a book. Happiest of holidays, friend!