January 1, 2010

Happy New Month!

That's write. A decade is too overwhelming to think about. Even a year is a looooong time, so I've decided to celebrate the month.

So . . . Happy New Month!

As a writer, I've discovered that breaking things down into month-sized chunks is effective. I mean, I never, ever thought I could write a novel in a month, but thanks to NANOWRIMO, I did. So did Sara Gruen, by the way, when she wrote her amazing Water for Elephants.

So, last month, I set myself writing goals. And here's what I accomplished:

1. Wrote a 2,500 word article for the 2011 Children's Writer's and Illustrator's Market about creating quirky characters.
2. Wrote another article of similar length that I hope to sell on spec.
3. Applied for a writing residency. Fingers crossed!
4. Wrote an essay for the "Three Books" feature on npr.org on spec. Again, fingers crossed.
5. Created a batch of poems for my terrific editor at Blue Mountain Arts.
6. Finally came up with a short story for a children's magazine, whose editor has been very patiently waiting.


This month, I hope to revise my novel and update my Web site.

What do you plan to accomplish/discover/create/learn/celebrate this month?


Sheryl Crawford said...

Hey, Donna (=; Thanks for stopping by my little blog. Your article on humor was the first thing I read. I was in a good mood immediately (o; Can't wait to read How to Survive Middle School!
Take good care and hope you'll visit again.

Wild About Words said...

Thanks, Sherri, for stopping by my little blog, too. Your comment about my CWIM article made my day. :)