March 19, 2010

Good-bye, Sid


Sid Fleischman was a gem. A Newbery-Award-winning author, he was generous and warm and funny. I will surely miss the Abracadabra Kid. He brought a lot of joy into the world through his magic and books (The Entertainer and the Dybbuk is my favorite) and his giving spirit . . . and that will live on through his books and the people who were lucky enough to have known him.
I feel blessed for the joy he brought into my life.

Good-bye, Sid.


Sylvia said...

I'm deeply sorry to hear the sad news about Sid Fleischman. He will live on through his books and how he touched our lives.
I have fond memories of reading and chuckling over his McBroom tall tales in the 1980's with my Grades 3-5 students. I loved his quirky characters and his over-the-top stories so much that they have influenced my writing.

Farewell, Sid. Love you for the joy you brought to so many lives.

Wild About Words said...

Sylvia, thanks for your beautiful words for a beautiful man.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear this news, I know he was an important influence. I'm glad he had the opportunity to play a role in your first novel. I would have never known of him otherwise, thanks for the introduction.