April 18, 2010

How to get stuck in an elevator . . .

Oh, what a wonderful weekend! (I mean, other than getting stuck in an elevator.)

But first . . . can you guess the name of the city I was in?

Here's the view from my hotel window . . .

These things were in my hotel room:

1. A gift basket filled with local goodies, like Mike-Sell's potato chips and dip, Esther Price chocolates, etc.
2. Two big comfy beds, a TV and a remote control (that, remarkably, didn't have a dog's teeth marks on it).
3. Quiet.

These things were NOT in my hotel room:

1. Two dogs, one of whom is a puppy and can't stop moving because he clearly is possessed by the canine form of Richard Simmons.
2. An eighteen-year-old-cat, crying at 2 a.m., 3 a.m. and 4:15 a.m.
3. Two teenage boys, who eat as though they've never been fed before and play (c)rap music so loudly it makes my ears bleed.

There was even a private lounge down the hall, where they served delicious eggs, oatmeal and fresh pineapple in the morning.

I felt like Calgon had taken me away . . . until I got stuck in the elevator.

When I arrived at the Marriott and checked in, the man at the desk said, "Mrs. Gephart, you'll be staying on our concierge floor." I was so disoriented from two planes rides and acclimating to a new city, that I heard, "Here's your key card, lady."

So I took my key card and luggage and got in the elevator, pressed my floor number -- the top floor -- and watched as another person got off on the second floor. I waited. The elevator didn't move. I pressed my floor number again. And again. And, well, again. But nothing happened.

Great, I thought, I'll make quite a first impression by getting stuck in an elevator. I eyed the bright red emergency button and prayed I wouldn't have to use it.

It was then I noticed a slot next to my floor number. Hmm. That's interesting. So I slid my room key into the slot and . . .

The elevator moved.

I nonchalantly got off and walked to my room, as though I didn't JUST GET STUCK IN AN ELEVATOR!

So, now back to that question: Which city was I in?

Here's a clue:

What's your guess?

Tune in tomorrow to find out the answer and the really embarrassing thing that happened when the folks in my workshop were writing about really embarrassing things that had happened.


SilberBook-Blog said...

During a big ice storm in Montreal I was in an old loft-style building heading for a meeting when I got "trapped" in an elevator for about an hour. Not that I get claustrophobic or anything....

Obsessedwithlife said...

Ironic...I was stuck in an elevator Friday too! Thankfully it opened after 20 minutes magically :). I had no cell phone and the emergency phone in the elevator was broken...scary stuff!

Wild About Words said...

Okay, Alan and Rachel, that is SCARY stuff! Who knew? I think I'll take the stairs from now on. You?

Janeen Mason said...

I went to a job interview once and pushed the button for the same floor I was on. The doors closed, but the elevator didn't move. I pushed the same button over and over again. Clearly I was trapped in a broken elevator (it didn't occur to me to try another button.) When the elevator finally moved it was responding to a call from a different floor. The doors opened, I stumbled out, sweating and frantic. I did not get the job. Imagine that.

Wild About Words said...

Janeen, while that couldn't have been funny at the time, it certainly was hilarious to read about. Who knew so many people got "stuck" in elevators?!