May 12, 2010

Career Day at Greenacres Elementary

1. A professional basketball player (with basketball in hand).
2. A sheriff with full riot gear.
3. And a helper dog, wearing a fancy tutu.

No, I was not at a party for the LA Lakers.

I was at Career Day at Greenacres Elementary School. And those are only a smattering of interesting careers represented! The students got to learn there's a whole wide world of possibilities out there.

As fifth grade students filed into the classroom, they greeted me with, "Hola" and "Hello" and "Are you the lady with Hammy the Hamster?"

What fun I had interacting with three classes of bright, energetic fifth graders!

I'm still surprised, though, when kids say, "I loved your last book and can't wait to read this one" because I'm still amazed anyone besides my family and a few close friends actually read my books.

A big THANKS to the amazing principal, media specialist, teachers, staff and FANTASTIC students at Greenacres Elementary!!!

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