July 2, 2010


The sensational Cynthia Leitich Smith is giving away a copy of HOW TO SURVIVE MIDDLE SCHOOL on her wonderful blog, CYNSATIONS. (Head over and win yourself a copy.)

If you'd rather win a copy of the new paperback version of AS IF BEING 12 3/4 ISN'T BAD ENOUGH, MY MOTHER IS RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT!, you can do that over at GOODREADS.

And if you'd prefer a REALLY cheap hardback version of AS IF BEING 12 3/4 . . ., you can get that here.

Here's hoping that whatever you're reading this summer, you are enjoying yourself immensely.

I just finished Nature Girl by Jane Kelley. What a FUN read!



Cheri Williams said...

I'm just about to start IVY'S EVER AFTER. It looks great!

cwsherwoodedits said...

I just finished The Deathday Letter by Shaun David Hutchinson. Hysterical, but interesting exploration of profound life and death questions too.

I think it's really hard to write humor well, and that's why I loved Deathday, as well as As if... can't way to read your new book!

Wild About Words said...

Well, looks like I have some new books to add to my ever increasing pile of T.B.R. (To Be Read) books, that I fear will fall and crush me to death in my sleep. But hey, I can think of worse ways to go.
cwsherwoodedits, thanks so much for the kind words!