September 1, 2010


Whatever you're doing, stop and watch this video:

Chuck Dillon, my niece's former art teacher, was so excited about installing a new floor in his basement, he felt compelled to skate to "The Hustle." (Watch all the way to the end.)

When you're done watching, check out this man's blog. Why? Because he's funny. And because I said so. I mean, really, have I steered you wrong yet?

If Chuck Dillon's being funny, teaching my uber-wonderful niece and proving he's a really bad skater on YouTube isn't enough, he creates art for Highlights for Children and High Five Magazine. How cool is that?!

Thanks, Chuck, for providing today's entertainment!

Oh, one more thing. DO THE HUSTLE!


Liz Straw said...

This is hysterical. He draws people like I wish I could. I do stick figures. ;)

Wild About Words said...

Hey, Liz,
I'm a stick figure gal myself. That's why I "stick" to writing!
All best,

Alex Flinn said...


Wild About Words said...

Thanks, Alex! And a huge congrats on your big BIG successes with your writing!

Liz Straw said...

Donna, I have something for you on my blog.

Wild About Words said...

Very sweet, Liz. Thanks!