October 4, 2010

Mapping the Middle Event

Saturday, I had the great pleasure of being the keynote speaker at the Mapping the Middle: A Parent's Guide to All Things Tween event in Martin County, FL.

What a terrific event!

After the keynote -- 6-1/2 WAYS TO SURVIVE PARENTING A MIDDLE SCHOOLER -- I moderated a panel of experts, including a group of savvy, sincere teens . . .

There were workshops about brain development, substance abuse, bullying and connecting and communicating with positive behavior.

They had vendors, like the amazing Jenn Salas from the Blake Library in Stuart, whom I met when she invited me to participate in their first Kidsmania event.

There was food . . .

Hubby helped during the entire event -- selling books, providing support and most important, making sure I had an ample supply of garlic bagels slathered with cream cheese.

My favorite part was after I finished speaking and people came up and shared such meaningful bits of their lives. Thank you.

And thank you to Darcy, Jeff, Tykes and Teens, the Parent Action Committee and everyone who worked so hard to put together such a wonderful event for parents in the community!

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