January 20, 2011

Thank You, Mrs. B.

Every once in a while, something nice happens to brighten my day.

Today, Mrs. B. made my day. She posted her review of How to Survive Middle School at GoodReads.

The last line of her review was the real kicker.

May you have a Mrs. B. brighten your day!

"I definitely expect this to appear on the Rebecca Caudill list in the next 2-3 years. This is a great book for grades 5th-7th. David struggles with all of the things that hit in middle school, shifting friendships, hormones, bullies, and a family split that occurred two years earlier. Throw in his web show to accentuate the difference between your "real" life and your "online" life, and I would say this is just the type of coming of age story you will find on lots of recommended reading lists. I read it because a 6th grade girl brought it back in and said it was the best book she ever read." -- Mrs. B., GoodReads


Anonymous said...

It is a very nice review, congratulations! She hits some of the strongest points of the book. It's also just a fun read. I hope too that her prediction comes true for you.


Wild About Words said...

Thanks, Paul. As my dad would say, "From her mouth to God's ears." Thanks for popping by with a comment. Hope your photography business is going like gangbusters so far in 2011!

Riley said...

Oooh! You ROCK Mrs. B! And I couldn't agree with you more!

Wild About Words said...

Thanks, Riley!!!