September 23, 2011

Fun at Independence Middle School and Barnes & Noble

Which response was given by 6th graders to the question:  "What might be a good place for a writer to begin her journey?"

A)  Your home
B)  School
C)  Anywhere
D)  A toaster
E)  All of the above

The answer is E) All of the above.  Middle school kids are so much fun!  The smart-aleck boy who said, "Um, a toaster" will definitely land in a novel someday.  My favorite answer, though, is C) Anywhere because thought and truth went into that answer.

Had a blast talking with 400 6th graders at Independence Middle School yesterday afternoon.

That was followed by a two-hour event at Barnes & Noble, where students played flute, wind instruments and sang.  Lots of proud parents snapping photos.

I LOVED meeting young readers and chatting with them and their parents.

Here I am with Hannah.

A big THANK YOU to Lisa Petroccia (who appears in my book How to Survive Middle School) for inviting me.  And thanks to Lauren Pfretzschner for hosting me at Barnes & Noble.

Lauren Pfretzschner, me and Lisa Petroccia


Gail Shepherd said...

Hmm. I wonder, does it make a difference if the writer starts in a toaster oven, or does it have to be a pop-up?

Wild About Words said...

I've been wondering that myself, Gail. :)

Angela Ackerman said...

Kids are awesome--so full of creative ideas!

Angela @ The Bookshelf Muse