January 15, 2012

FL SCBWI Conference in Miami

One-word description:  Inspiring.

A few more words:  Even though I've attended the FL SCBWI Conference nearly each of the last eleven years, this year I hesitated.  Do I have the time?  Money?  Then I remembered that at one of the conferences, instead of taking notes during a speech, I began scribbling ideas that became my novel, HOW TO SURVIVE MIDDLE SCHOOL.

When my good buddy Jill said she'd drive, I was in!

To say that speeches by Lin Oliver, E.B. Lewis, Greg Neri and others inspired me would be a vast understatement.

There's something magical about the energy created by a room full of creative people.  I knew a quarter way in it was clearly worth the time and money. 

The Editors Panel Discussion

Sometime during Lin Oliver's amazing speech, while I was taking notes so fast my hand hurt, it happened again.  IT HAPPENED AGAIN!  I scribbled an idea I think will be my next middle grade novel.

Thank you Linda Bernfeld and the many hard-working, dedicated volunteers (I'm talking to you, Laurie Taddonio!) who helped make the magic happen for the 11th year in a row!


Shannon Hitchcock said...

It was magical to be a part of so much creativity and good will. I wish I felt so inspired all the time, but since I don't, I'll have to head to Orlando in June!

Janeen Mason said...

Absolutely. In a workshop this morning I wrote a few sentences for an exercise and - Holy Cow! The beginning of a story looked back at me. I left the conference today feeling enthusiastic, inspired, and equipped.

mona said...

and it was last year in NE that I started the mg that I'm working on!!!

Wild About Words said...

Shannon, I wish that feeling of enthusiasm could last well beyond the conference, too. And I wish that I had seen you!
Janeen, I'm sure your shared presentations left participants feeling enthusiastic, inspired and equipped. So glad you, too, have the beginning of a new story.
Mona, I loved the NE conference. So glad you were inspired to work on a MG from that experience.

Augusta Scattergood said...

Ditto what Shannon said.

I have so many notes it will take a while to sort through them all! Truly inspirational. My first Miami conference but know it's not my last.

Katie L. Carroll said...

What an exciting moment! A strike of inspiration is truly a gift.

P.S. Loving my new life as mommy (can't believe The Boy is 4 months old all ready)...but can we maybe add a few more hours to the day!

Wild About Words said...

Augusta, congratulations on the success of Glory Be. Hurrah! First book, first conference. How exciting!
Katie, The Boy couldn't possibly be 4 months already. Have you done any swings with him yet? When you find those extra hours in the day, send some down here, please.