April 16, 2012

Make Something Amazing Happen Right Now . . .

Talented author/illustrator Marissa Moss has a dream:  She wants to produce picture books the way they used to be made -- great attention to detail, extensive author illustrator support, etc. -- by creating a brand new publishing company.

She's written about her vision for CRESTON BOOKS on Kickstarter

I'm so excited about Marissa's idea that I immediately donated to help fund the project.  So have a lot of other people.  But she needs a few more people to step up to the plate TODAY!

As I write this, Marissa is only a little over $6,000 away from her goal of $50,000.  Only $6,000 people!

But here's the kicker with Kickstarter:  Her project has to be fully funded by THIS THURSDAY or she gets none of the money and her dream fizzles. 

Won't you donate RIGHT NOW?  Even five bucks will help, and you'll get entered to win a great prize.  In fact, each donation comes with a gift.

Check it out HERE.

Thank you for helping make this dream a reality . . . before time runs out!





Marissa Moss said...

Thanks so much for blogging about this! I'm excited to be part of such a wonderful children's book community!

Julie Hedlund said...

I'm so glad you wrote about this Donna! I have backed the project and would very much like for it to succeed.

Riley said...

I'm donating and posting! This is fabulous. I love Marissa's books and I'm sure she'll help bring more fantastic books into the world with her new company! Woo hoo!!!

Shutta said...

Donated! I hope this works out for her...will let my friends in the writing community know about it.

Wild About Words said...

Thanks! My fingers are crossed that Marissa reaches her goal in time. Go, Marissa. Go!