June 24, 2012

Guess Who's Freeloading at the Thurber House?

Somehow last week, I went from speaking at a conference in Orlando to speaking at a library in Miami Gardens to my residency at the Thurber House in Columbus, OH.   

That's right.  I'm residing in James Thurber's boyhood home!

That's me waving from the tiny window upstairs.  Or maybe it's the resident ghost.  Not sure.

Meg Brown, Manager, Children's Programming, gave me a great tour of Columbus, which may or may not have concluded with delicious sushi for dinner. 

Here's Meg Brown in the Thurber House store.

Seeing my books on the shelves in the store was pretty cool . . .

The first night getting used to new digs and not having my family around was a little strange. 

Sunday was all about exploring on my own. 

My feet found their way to the German Village.  There, I followed stone steps up to The Book Loft.

This bookstore has 32 different rooms!  It was a-MAZE-ing!

And because I'm the world's biggest book nerd, I followed that up with a trip to the Columbus Metropolitan Library.  The good folks at the Thurber House gave me a library card for this behemoth of a library.  (I'll be visiting often!)

And because I'm a cheapskate, I went to the Columbus Museum of Art.  (It's free on Sundays.)  There is a photography exhibit, a glass exhibit and paintings and sculpture galore.  Myriad opportunities abound for kids (and adults) to express their creativity through interactive art stations throughout the museum. 

Alice in Wonderland giant chess set in the museum's outdoor sculpture garden.

Tomorrow, I work with young writers at the Thurber House Writing Camp.

What are you up to this week? 


D.E. Malone said...

Enjoy your residency! The house and your surroundings sound ideal.

Wild About Words said...

Thanks, Dawn!

Janeen said...

You're there! You're there! Lucky Columbus kids who get to work with you.. Have fun.

Wild About Words said...

Janeen, thanks so much. Wish you were here, too. You'd have loved the museum!

Stacie said...

Have a great time! Enjoy the kids. And yourself. <3

Wild About Words said...

Thanks, Stacie!

Dan R. said...


I hope Olivia Bean is aware that Alex has had a health problem that required emergency treatment. I'll bet he would love a get-well card from her. I know how much she loves JEAPORDY.

Sandra Baran said...


It sounds like a dream-come-true.. Enjoy the month in Ohio and may it bring you new inspirations and creative energy!!

Love, Sandra

Wild About Words said...

Dan, I had heard the news about Alex. Olivia is sending him healing wishes!
Sandra, thank you my friend!