July 16, 2012

Last Weekend in Columbus

So glad I got to spend Friday evening with friends Donna and Jeff Keller and Sophia, who is beautiful inside and out.

Jeff and Donna

They treated me to dinner at Mary Kelley's and gave me a great tour of the area, which included, a giant cement cornfield in Dublin, OH.

109 cement ears of people-sized corn

Saturday, Pat Shannon, took me to the Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens.

Thanks, Pat!

These were in the Desert room.

Chihuly artwork appeared throughout

These Chihuly pieces were above a glass ceiling

Even the kids' musical group, the Shazzbots, played in front of Chihuly art!

The butterfly room was way cool.  Check out this little boy, who was fascinated by the butterfly that landed on his sister's arm.

Here's a closeup of a blue butterfly . . .


My favorite part was the glass blowing.  (Sorry, Pat, for making you sit through, um, three demonstrations.)  John Sharvin created beautiful pieces.  Check out his work.

Afterwards, we strolled the outdoor gardens and may or may not have gone to Jeni's for ice cream.

Sunday, my college friend, Mike Kutz, and his lovely wife Rose Mary, drove 2-1/2 hours each way from West Virginia to spend the day.

Rose Mary and Mike Kutz

We had the best time catching up.  We strolled the German Village and ate at the original Max and Erma's restaurant.  Then I may or may not have gotten lost in the 32-room bookstore, The Book Loft.  After that, we strolled around the Park of Roses and may or may not have gotten ice cream at Graeter's.

Park of Roses

Now?  One more week of writing workshops at the Thurber Camp, a homeless shelter and a library and lots of writing, then . . . HOME SWEET HOME.

Waiting patiently

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