September 24, 2012

Family in Town . . .

My sister and niece flew in from Philly for something special . . .

Happy 85th birthday, Dad!

My dad turned 85!  We had a dinner with friends and family at Mellow Mushroom.  (Just wish our California family could have been there for the big event.  We missed you Sherry, Ben and Ethan! )

We were celebrating more than a birthday.  We celebrated Dad's resiliency.  In the past year, he's broken his arm, had triple bypass surgery and lost his wife, Dorothy.  Sheesh!

I'm proud of the life he's created for himself here in South Florida.

We had a couple days to have fun together at the zoo, the movies, Busch's Wildlife Sanctuary, kayaking, strolling the beach, etc.

My favorite photo was when my niece threw a food pellet to a crow only inches away and it caught it mid-air.  

Then, before I knew it, my niece and I went for our good-bye breakfast at Lazy Loggerhead Cafe by the beach.

 And off to the airport to hug my sister and niece. 

The visit was great!  The leaving?  Not so much!

Come back soon!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing about your family celebration, Donna! Your Dad looks GREAT... that's awesome that you can all get together! What a blessing!

Kathy Rupff said...

Sorry, previous message was from me. You can really see the family resemblance with your Dad... awesome! :)

Wild About Words said...

Kathy, thanks so much for your sweet comment!

Sally Springer said...

What a handsome gentleman your Dad is! Sounds like you all had a great celebration.

Wild About Words said...

Thanks, Sally! The only hard part was when the family had to leave. I'll share your kind comment with my dad; he'll love it! Hope you are doing well!