January 17, 2013


What does "NAKED" have to do with writing for children?

Apparently, a lot . .

1.  Let's start with Robin LaFever's post, "Embrace the Naked" for Writer Unboxed. 

Here's a peek from her excellent essay"Writing is about being brave, taking risks, accepting and embracing our essential humanness; it is not about being comfortable or safe or a way to stay invisible.  Accept that."

Robin Lafevers
2.  While you're reading Robin's wise words, enjoy a few handfuls of BEAR NAKED GRANOLA.  Seriously, this stuff is delicious!

Bear Naked Granola

3.  Check out this kerfuffle as Maurice Sendak tells Martha Stewart how IN THE NIGHT KITCHEN shocked people because of the illustration of a naked boy.  Seriously?!

In the Night Kitchen by Maurice Sendak

4.  There's more NAKED news in the world of children's books.

Michael Ian Black teams up with Debbie Ridpath Ohi for a new picture book called:  NAKED!  It tells the story of a young boy who refuses to wear clothes after his bath.  You can read more about it here

Why is this exciting news?  Have you read their recent collaboration, I'M BORED?  If not, I'll wait.

Done yet? 

It's great, right?  How could it be bad when it involves a potato, a girl and a flamingo? 

Simply brilliant!


Debbie Ridpath Ohi created one of the first e-zines for writers in early '95.  I wrote for her e-zine, INKSPOT, about creating greeting cards.  I connected with the awesome Lee Wardlaw, who was writing for INKSPOT about writing for children.

It's with great pleasure that I watched Debbie's career morph into one of a successful illustrator of picture books, thanks in part to opportunities provided by S.C.B.W.I.  (Yay, S.C.B.W.I.!)

5.   Too much NAKED talk?  Do you want to wash your hands of it all?

Go right ahead . . .  with NAKED LADY NATURAL SOAPS, a great local company that has a fascinating story about how they began in their kitchen with a science project. 

NAKED LADY -- Lavender Mint Oatmeal -- my favorite


Amy Goldman Koss said...

Love your naked post!

BJae Ballard said...

Michael Ian Black FTW! Awesome post. ^_^

Debbie Ridpath Ohi said...

Donna, what a wonderful post. Thank you so much for the kind words, but especially for your ongoing support from way back in our Inkspot days. :-D


Augusta Scattergood said...

No matter what random advice get this weekend, please don't stop blogging. I love this!

Augusta Scattergood said...

WE get. How'd that word get dropped????