May 2, 2013


My last school visit of the year became more special because of a very generous donation from KIDS IN NEED -- BOOKS IN DEED, co-founded by Julianna Baggott and David Scott.

Media Specialist, Ms. Ivery-Lester and a "Thank You" sign for KIDS IN NEED-BOOKS IN DEED.

Before my visit, every student in 3rd - 5th grade received a copy of one of my books.  Every student.

That meant the students had time to read the books and create projects, like these . . .

That meant when my presentations were over, I didn't have students eagerly asking where they could get copies of my books, only to be told there were no copies available in the school library, which happens sometimes. 

Thanks to KIDS IN NEED -- BOOKS IN DEED, after my presentations, this is what happened . . .

The dynamic principal, Dr. McKeever, interacted with students while they waited in line to have their own books signed.

I loved interacting with each student who came up for a signature.  Some shared favorite parts from the books, others asked questions they'd prepared ahead of time and some handed me books from friends who couldn't be there.  

It was delightful to see these boys and girls so excited about books!

How could I not LOVE my job?

I promised something special to the last student at the end of the last line.  He'd waited so patiently to meet me.

While in Texas, a student handed me a bracelet she'd made with the word "BOOKS" on it.  I wore that bracelet to every school visit.  It seemed all the kids -- boys and girls -- were wearing cool, funky hand-made bracelets.

S. left with that bracelet on his wrist, because I knew it would matter to him.

Donna and S.

Thank you, KIDS IN NEED -- BOOKS IN DEED!  You've made the kind of difference that can't be measured -- the kind that matters most.  Thank you wonderful young readers and dedicated staff that made this very memorable school visit possible.

Mostly, thank you for reminding me why I do what I do.  And that it matters.


Amy Goldman Koss said...

Sounds like a great gig!!!!

Wild About Words said...

Amy, it was a great way to end the school year!

Deborah said...

Donna, this post just warms my heart. You do such good work!