October 16, 2007

A Presentation and a Poem

Just had a great classroom visit at Independence Middle School.

Thanks so much to Ms. Franklin for inviting me and to Ms. Petroccia for taping the presentation. And a big thank you to the students for being so enthusiastic and for asking such great questions.

During my presentation, I mentioned a poem I had sold to Highlights Magazine for Children about four years ago. You can see and hear that poem here.

Thanks again to the great students and faculty at Independence Middle School for making me feel so welcomed!

Happy reading,



Mary Hershey said...

Donna, hi!

I love your the dancing bird video! Would you mind if I post it on my blog tomorrow? I'll give credit where due, of course.
:-) It is hysterical!!!!



Wild About Words said...

Hi, Mary,

Post away. I love the funny things you find for your blog. I'm all about spreading the laughter.