October 24, 2008

Four Fun Things on a Friday

1. Lest you forget, Wild about Words is still wild about this word game. Try it. I dare you to quit before your wrist feels like it’s going to snap off.

2. Thanks to "Have I Got a Book for You" for this nice review of my novel. Erie Times-News is giving away a copy of my novel along with a lapel pin. If you live in the Erie area, you can enter to win here, but if you live elsewhere, you can always buy a copy here and here.

3. I’m nervous/excited about the upcoming election. Are you?

I’m nervous/excited about the Phillies in the World Series. Go, Phillies!

I’m nervous/excited about reading Halloween stories to a gaggle of pre-schoolers next week in my friend Pam’s class. I hope I don’t frighten them when I wear my costume.

4. My Halloween costume this year will consist of the following parts . . .

What are YOU (or your children or dog or cat or iguana) dressing up as this Halloween?

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