October 7, 2008

I should go on vacation more often . . .


Just returned from a lovely fall getaway with friends and family. I hiked up and down hills, past rows of corn stalks and over a covered bridge here. I enjoyed time playing tennis, overeating and relaxing here. I slept late, laughed with family and friends, took long walks and lingered over the delicious beginning of Up and Down the Scratchy Mountains by Laurel Snyder.

Feeling rejuvenated, I returned to work today and discovered this lovely review from Booking Mama:

I can't rave enough about AS IF BEING 12 3/4...! This book dealt with so many issues that are pertinent to today's young girls -- mother/daughter relationships, single parenting, working mothers, crushes, embarrassing moments, and normal teenage insecurities. I think most girls will relate to at least a few of these topics. Not only do I appreciate how Ms. Gephart handled all of these topics in this book, but the storyline is also very interesting. By having Vanessa's mom run for president, the reader gets some insight into the presidential campaign and election process -- and it's in a very fun way, not like a boring history class!

While I did find this book hilarious and I can admit that I laughed out loud many times, I was also touched by Vanessa's story. Vanessa was a very sensitive young woman who was dealing with a lot of changes. Pre-teen and early teen-age years are difficult in the best of times, but Vanessa had a lot more to deal with than the average young girl. Not only was her mom away campaigning, but Vanessa was also coming to terms with losing her father. In addition, she was filled with the normal teenage insecurities; but on top of that, she had to handle one huge insecurity -- fearing for her mother's life. I love how the author was able to balance the book between being entertaining and addressing deeper, more serious issues.

AS IF BEING 12 3/4... is Ms. Gephart's first novel. If this book is any indication, I think she will be a "player" in juvenile fiction.

Read the rest of the review here.

Besides returning to this very nice review, I learned I sold a funny greeting card to Oatmeal Studios and received a check for a humorous Halloween article published in Pittsburgh Parent.

The moral of this story? I should definitely go on vacation more often!

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