April 1, 2009

Do NOT Try This At Home!

With my novel revisions overdue, I sent my editor an e-mail this morning about how I changed the main character from a boy to a girl and reconstructed the entire theme of the book. I also let her know that revisions would now take at least two months longer than expected, and I hoped that wouldn't be a problem.

I concluded the e-mail with two words: April Fools!

My editor wrote back about how she's canceling my contract, keeping half my advance and blackballing me throughout the industry.

She forgot to write "April Fools" at the end of her e-mail to me, but I'm sure she's joking.



Amanda Coppedge Bosky said...

Thanks again for visiting us, Donna. You are awesome!!


Mary Hershey said...

Ooooh, you're wicked! Too-funny on both ends. :-)


Mary Hershey

Anonymous said...

HA! I wish I'd been cc'd on THAT email! And there I was just making vampire jokes. Ho-hum. The boring agent.

xox Tina