April 6, 2009

Week of Happiness -- Day 1: Flower Power

Happy Monday!

Revisions are done . . . for now. My sister, Ellen, and nephew, Kyle, are visiting from Philly. The weather's fine. The family's even finer. And I've been enjoying time with funtastic friends.

So, I've dubbed this -- Week of Happiness.

Each day, I'll post something I hope will inspire a smile.

This morning, I was greeted with the first magnolia of the season! I was so excited, I nearly fell off my bike.

I wish you could press your nose to the screen and smell the fresh scent. I wish I could have pressed my nose to this flower and enjoyed the scent, but apparently, a bee was even more excited than I was to visit the first magnolia of the season.

And here is a lovely hibiscus. The bright, happy colors of hibiscus always make me smile.

What makes you happy this marvelous Monday?

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