May 7, 2010

Hammy Hamster vs. Sammy Sumo -- A CATastrophe!

We last left Hammy Hamster and Sammy Sumo at odds with each other.

There was pummeling . . .

There was pounding . . .

Something had to be done. Right?

Votes were taken and tallied and the clear winner was HAMMY, but wait a minute. What's this?

Reinforcements were called in to investigate.

Clawed N. Scratch, the head of the CATastrophe Prevention Department, questioned Hammy.

Then he questioned Sammy. "Run, Sammy. Run!"

Sammy didn't run. Hammy ran, but he was on that darned hamster wheel and didn't get anywhere.

That's when Clawed N. Scratch took matters into his own paws, er, mouth. He solved the problem with TWO quick gulps.

And took a nap.

Unlike Hammy and Sammy, hope you have a PURRfect weekend!


Tina Wexler said...

The cat WHAT?!? Hammy's...gone?!?! I'm so conflicted! Normally, I'm always on the side of the cat, but in this instance...Hammy...Sniff. I think only chocolate would make this okay. Please tell me that the next post will involve chocolate.

Wild About Words said...

Tina, for you the next post will involve fourteen kinds of chocolate, eighty cute cat photos and the reincarnation of Hammy.