November 2, 2010

I'm too old to have this much fun on Halloween . . .

Strange beings invaded our home and our neighborhood . . .

(Oy vey!)

(Scariest costume ever -- teen at the computer.)

(Looks like they've lowered the drinking age in Florida.)

(In your future, I see a trip . . . to the dentist.)

(Too cute to be a mad murderer.)

(See what happens when you insult the wife's cooking?)

(Where am I and where did I get all this hair?)

(This is how I look most mornings before school . . . and after school.)

(Look who responded to the personal ad this time.)

(Last seen terrorizing small children and stealing their candy.)

(In sickness and in health and in last minute Halloween costumes.)

(Greek Gods? Nah! Geek Gods!)

Hope you all had a Halloween to dismember!


Jill N. said...

Hilarious! Isn't Halloween fun? The scariest by far was "Teen at the Computer." (shivers!)

I think kids usually want to dress in their fantasy (superhero, Harry Potter, etc.) or something scary. But...we had a girl of about 9 or 10 wearing a dress, a name tag and a bored expression. "What are you supposed to be?" we asked. "A restaurant hostess," she sighed.
"What kind of restaurant?" She shrugged. "Chinese, I guess. Can I have my candy?"

Now that was scary!

P.S I liked the costumes you and Dan wore. A pirate and a Rabbi...hmmm sounds like a great picture book!

Wild About Words said...


Our teen trick-or-treaters this year were well-mannered. Perhaps it was the fact that someone was giving out snow cones on one side of us and cotton candy on the other.

Good times!

Virg said...

Dan was a rabbi? Thought he was an Amish farmer. Guess that's the difference between PA and FL.
Great pix, Donna!


Wild About Words said...

Thanks, Virginia!

Scary Teen said...

I resent being called frightening. Hey can I take apart your Mac and make a toaster oven?

Wild About Words said...

You are both scary AND funny!

Anonymous said...

Geek clever