December 14, 2010

Season for Sharing, Day 2 -- Six Families, J.A.M.ming and One Dog

Today's "Season to Share" is hands-on, local stuff.

If you live outside Palm Beach County, though, you can make a donation to help.

If you live inside Palm Beach County, there are THREE opportunities that need your IMMEDIATE attention.


Every year, the Palm Beach County school district identifies the absolutely neediest families in the area. This year, 70 families were choosen for the program.

Each year, our family adopts a family. We take our boys and shop for essentials (and I mean essentials, like food, clothing and bedding) and a few toys and books for the children. It's fun to have an excuse to shop for little ones.

Angela Feaman, an absolute angel, runs the program. Along with her full-time work, she drives all over the county picking up donations and coordinating efforts.

This year, it's almost Christmas and SIX families still haven't been adopted.

If you can adopt one of the six families or even make a small donation for Angela to do the shopping, PLEASE contact Angela Feaman via e-mail at feamana(at)

2) One year ago on Thanksgiving, a terrible tragedy happened where I live.

A mentally ill man brought a gun into the home of a cousin who invited him for a holiday dinner. At the end of the evening, this man opened fire, killing several family members, including a precious six-year-old girl, Makayla Sitton, who lay sleeping in her bed.

Makayla was a student at my dear friend, Sandra's music school -- Jupiter Academy of Music.

To honor Makayla, a scholarship has been created in her name. This scholarship allows students, who couldn't otherwise afford it, to receive music instruction and education. To donate and bring the gift of music to a child and to honor Makayla's life, click here: Jupiter Academy of Music Makayla Sitton Scholarship Fund.

To learn more about the Jupiter Academy of Music, where our son takes lessons, check out this video:

3) A dog.

My friend, Christina, who lives in Delray, found a dog in her backyard with no tags. Animal Care has the dog right now and the owners have not been located so far.

The dog is a Shiba Inu. If you can help, please contact my friend, Christina directly at herself(at)

Thank you.

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