December 15, 2010

Season for Sharing, Day 3 -- Write On -- 826 Valencia, Dave Eggers

Dave Eggers is a work of staggering genius. He inspires me to believe there is no limit to the good work one person can accomplish when passionate about something.

Dave Eggers wrote these books (and many others) ...

He began an innovative literary magazine and publishing company -- McSweeney's.

And he created 826 Valencia -- a writing tutoring center and pirate supply store. Dave Eggers envisioned this place to be one where editors could work on McSweeney's while neighborhood students came in after school to do their homework, receiving one-on-one attention.

826 Valencia in San Francisco has evolved to more than 1,400 volunteers and a variety of locations both national and international.

The work done there is innovative, yet simple -- helping kids share their voices and learn about how much talent they have to offer.

To learn more, watch Dave Eggers give a talk about the program when he won a 2008 TEDPrize.

As an author, I donate to 826 Valencia because I believe good work like that spreads ... and should be supported.


Robin Mellom said...

I agree!!! And I'm in the middle of reading Heartbreaking Work...

So. Amazing.

Wild About Words said...


I've read his other books, but not that one . . . yet. Let me know how you like it.
I'm so excited for DITCHED to come out!

Happy holidays,