April 13, 2012

Four Things on a Friday . . .

1.  A million bazillion years ago, I worked as an editor at a greeting card company near Philadelphia, so I had my eye on several cartoonists.  (It was a very painful condition for my eye.)

My favorite cartoonist then and now is Mark Parisi of Off the Mark.  He has over 7,000 cartoons.  If you don't want to look at all 7,000, this one is my favorite.

2.  The president.  Now, I know the president is usually doing serious stuff, like running the country and dealing with other people running other countries, but sometimes he takes a break to do something really nice, like read Where the Wild Things Are to a bunch of kids.  He makes the best faces, hand gestures and roaring/gnashing sounds.  (Even his dog seemed interested.)


3.  Katie Davis is the Queen of Awesome.  As if creating a weekly podcast about children's books (Brain Burps About Books) were not enough, she's celebrating National Poetry Month by hosting a different poet each day on her bloggity blog

There's a mecca of poets over on Katie's blog:  Jane Yolen, Lee Wardlaw, Bobbi Katz, Marilyn Singer, Laura Purdie Salas, Gail Carson Levine and many more.  You'll find advice, samples, tips, a podcast, video and much more.

Check out Alan Katz's super fun video:

4.  Finally, if Corey Booker, Mayor of Newark, New Jersey, wasn't your hero before, he's everyone's hero now.  He rescued a woman from her home, which was engulfed in flames.  (By the way, he was my hero before!)

Have a most wonderful weekend!


Anonymous said...

At first I blushed and then I thought, "Hey! If I'm a queen, do I get a tiara?" Because who doesn't want sparkly stuff on her head, am I right?

Seriously, thank you, Donna! This is a lovely and fun thing to read. I've got to go and edit next week's show and it's a weird one. I'll leave it at that for now. Heh.

Wild About Words said...

Katie, can't wait to hear it. I look forward to every one of your podcasts!

Augusta Scattergood said...

What a great post. I learned so many things. ( I, too, admire Mayor Booker. And random things connected like this!)

Wild About Words said...

Thanks, Augusta! We've got to connect in person. Hope you'll be at the mid-year conference in Orlando.

Bonnee Crawford said...

Lol, the comic is gold, and Obama is a cool story-teller. He should come and read books to little kids more often. :)

Wild About Words said...

Yes, Bonnee, he's so expressive when he reads that his dog even got into it. :)