September 4, 2009

Fun on a Friday . . . or Saturday, Sunday or Monday

It was creature double feature at a local park last week. My friend and I saw giant crickets, um, mating, turkeys trotting, a blue heron soaring . . . You name a wild creature and we saw it. Except George Clooney. We didn't see him.

Below are a few of the critters we did see, along with a really stupid joke to go with them. Enjoy!

An elephant and a giraffe come down to the watering hole for a drink. They see a turtle fast asleep, basking in the sun. The elephant goes over and kicks the turtle -- whack! -- to the other shore. "Boy, that was cruel," said the giraffe. "Why did you do that?" The elephant said, "That turtle bit a big chunk out of my trunk fifty years ago." "Fifty years ago! Wow, what a great memory," said the giraffe. "Yes," said the elephant, "I have turtle recall."

What are four hundred rabbits hopping backwards? A receding hare line.

And this was the first joke our oldest son came up with when he was little:

Knock knock.
Who's there.
Whoo, who?
What are you, an owl or something?

And on that silly note, I will wish you a lovely, long weekend!

Keep laughing,

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