September 29, 2009

William Safire (December 19, 1929 - September 27, 2009)

I was at a bat mitzvah this weekend. The rabbi said that when a person dies, the most important part of the birth and death dates is the hyphen between the dates, because that represents what the person accomplished during his lifetime.

William Safire accomplished much. Among other things, he was a political columnist for the New York Times. And he contributed to "On Language," a New York Times Magazine column about words and language.

Two things he wrote that I'd like to share are:

1. His "Rules for Writers."

2. His column, "Never Retire."


Tom Degan said...

First Bill Buckley now Bill Safire. Two of the few remaining intelligent conservatives within the space of so short at time. The voices of reason within the conservative movement are dwindling by the day.

Meanwhile the movement that the two men were so identified with - the movement they both tried to save from the kooks, criminals and fools who have hijacked it - continues to implode.

Isn't life wonderful?

Tom Degan

Wild About Words said...

So glad you discovered my blog . . . because now I've discovered yours. Rant away, my friend. Your voice is refreshing and inspiring!