September 30, 2009

Philly Phamily . . .

Last weekend, we had the pleasure of spending time with family and friends in PA and NJ. It was fantastic to reconnect, but went way too fast.

Here are some happy snaps from the weekend . . .

Bro-in-law, Mike's 60th birthday celebration
(I swear it was just yesterday we were celebrating his 40th!)

Gypsy and Rose, hoping someone throws them pizza crust

Leigh and Denny

"The Guys" in religious observance of THE EAGLES. They must have prayed extra hard because their team won. Hallelujah!

Leigh, learning all about dinosaurs from the adorable and brilliant Matt

Baby Charlie, with proud mama, Susan

Someone poked this Eagles guy cake in the eye. Okay, okay. It was me!

Baby Charlie, with Proud Papa, Steve

Nick, Kim and a stowaway -- Baby Samantha is due this January. Hooray!!!

The apt bumper sticker on my dad's wife's car

Dad, 82, with his very own copy of an ARC of my new novel.

Dad and the dudes

Man, it's tough to live 1,200 miles away from such an awesome family!


Kim said...

It must be so hard having such a good looking family! Kim

Wild About Words said...

And such a modest family. :)