October 4, 2011

What Writers Do All Day . . .

We write, of course.  All day.  Every day.

Okay, is my agent done reading now?

When I need my 10,785,294th break during writing, I do any of the following:  Make a cup of tea, check my book's ranking on Amazon, look out the window at palm trees and wonder why I'm stuck inside with a computer on my lap, Google my name, go into the kitchen to get an apple, but come back with a Pop-tart and slice of pumpkin cheesecake, check e-mail, pet the dog/cat/goldfish, look up funny baby videos on YouTube, check to see if Amazon ranking has improved since last time I checked, read about someone's breakfast choice on FB, ignore the dust bunnies multiplying under the bed, read blogs.  (Really, it's a wonder I have ever completed a single book in my entire life!) 

On Meg Cabot's super fun blog, she shared an old YouTube video of what a day in her writing life is like.  

And just in case my agent is reading this far, I'm getting back to work write, er, right this minute.  Really . . . just as soon as I check those Amazon rankings one more time.


storyqueen said...

I hear you!

Sometimes I am far too distractable for my own good.

Would be nice to get more writing done!


Wild About Words said...


I'd have read your insightful comment, but I'm far too busy writing my next novel. (Wink. Wink.)


Tina Wexler said...

Your agent is going to pretend she didn't read this.

Wild About Words said...

Um, read what?

Kathy R. said...

Hila-a-a-arious, Donna! Thanks for sharing ! ! !