October 21, 2011

Writing Workshop at the Blake Library in Stuart, FL

Thanks, Jennifer Salas, Youth Services Coordinator and uber-wonderful children's librarian! 

By the time my writing workshop ended last night, Jennifer had been at work around the clock.  And was still smiling!

A big thanks to the teens (and almost teens) who came out (ahem, may possibly have been forced by their parents) to my writing workshop, where we imagined ourselves winning a medal for something we accomplished 25 years in the future, did some fun brainstorming and learned a rather disconcerting fact about hamsters sometimes eating their babies.  (Is this true?  Ugh!)

Brilliant young writers hard at work.  Jennifer Salas, back left.  And through those windows were young children reading to therapy dogs.  (One of the dogs barked at the exact moment we said the word "cat."  Hmm.)

My bud, Holly, was awesome enough to spend her evening helping with the workshop.  I paid her in food at a cool restaurant when it was over.  Thanks, Holly! 

My favorite part was not the hour of writing and sharing (although that's always awesome), it was the few minutes when it was all over.  A handful of kids came up to me and shared what was important to them -- their love for writing or reading or something special they'd written.  I stopped cleaning up and paid attention to each child, because those are the moments that stick.

For the first time at a writing workshop, I had more boys attending than girls.  How cool is that?!

Almost as cool as the six children's authors who also teach writing and run this amazing site, loaded with great ideas, inspiration and exercises for teaching writing.  Thank you, Teaching Authors!

Did you know October 20th was National Day on Writing?  Thank you for that NCTE!  And if you think that's cool, check out their National Gallery of Writing and post something you've written.

Speaking of writing, are you prepared to take the NANOWRIMO challenge and write a novel in a month?  It begins soon.  It's a great motivator!  Or if you're a young writer, check you their young writers program.

All this talk about writing makes me want to . . . I don't know . . . hmm . . . take the dogs for a walk. 

And then, of course, write my heart out on the new novel.  Hope YOUR writing flows . . .


Carmela Martino said...

>>I stopped cleaning up and paid attention to each child<<

Hooray for you, Donna! Sometimes in the rush to get home, it's easy to forget this.
And thanks for the "shout out' about our TeachingAuthors blog. :-)

April Halprin Wayland said...

That line struck me, too--thank you for reminding me to pay attention to students, to anyone.

I'd love to be a fly on the wall of your workshop!