December 29, 2007

Shine a Little Light . . .

Having lived in South Florida for over a decade, we sometimes forget to appreciate the wonders around us -- beaches, the Everglades, animal sanctuaries, fascinating species of birds, etc.

With glorious winter weather upon us, I’m determined to enjoy some of the special places in our area this year.

I played tourist today, grabbed our youngest son and climbed 105 steps to the top of the Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse.

What a view! Boats cruised through Jupiter Inlet from the ocean to the Intracoastal Waterway. The lighthouse was one of the first to use the Fresnel lens. And it was erected because boats kept crashing into the reefs that extend two miles beyond Jupiter’s shores.

I’d never been in a lighthouse before. Have you?

It was fun to do something different. We even received a certificate stating that we climbed to the top of the lighthouse . . . and survived!

Can’t wait to see what other adventures await this winter!

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Anonymous said...

wow, 105 steps, u are my hero!  i bet it was alot easier on the way they def  should give u a certificate for something like that!!lol  glad u enjoyed urself. guess who?? who else ur #1 fan :-)