January 10, 2008

A Literary Adventure

I’m off to the ALA (American Library Association) in Philadelphia this weekend.

On Sunday, I’m going to meet my editor, Stephanie Lane, for an early dinner. Then we’re slated to mingle with librarians at a cocktail party sponsored by Random House. I’ll be one of four first-time authors at the party. The others are: Liz Gallagher (Opposite of Invisible), E.M. Crane (Skin Deep) and Maria Padian (Brett McCarthy Work in Progress).

I’m looking forward to meeting my editor and several people from Random House, the other authors and many wonderful librarians.

I’ll post details and photos when I return.

Have a lovely weekend,



Riley Roam said...

Good Luck! Have fun! You're gonna WOW 'em!

Anonymous said...

Have a fantastic time!

Obsessedwithlife said...

Good luck, sounds fun!

Wild About Words said...

Thanks so much for the good wishes!