April 5, 2008


The pets have been at me to get a little face time on the blog, so here goes . . .

Meet Jasmine -- resident napper and all around sweet cat, except for this morning when she peered into my face. And sneezed!

This is Lady with her current BFF. They have a squeaking good time together, except now the reindeer's hat and one of its antlers is history. "Good dog, Lady."

Our pet sitter posts a veritable parade of pet photos of her "clients" on this Web site.

I can hear the "Awww"s from here.

Who are your favorite pet pals?

Have a happy weekend!


Ghost Girl (aka, Mary Ann) said...

I blogged about my writing buddy, Ruthie, a while back.

My other buddies haven't made into cyberspace, yet, but they will soon--Daisy and Whitman, a rat terrier and a shih tzou.

Wild About Words said...

Ghost Girl,

Ruthie is cute. I think she's cousin to one of the characters in my new novel -- a hamster named Hammy.

Thanks for sharing,