November 27, 2009

No Clowning Around

And speaking of clowns, did you watch the most recent episode of Modern Family? Let me just say it involved a kick-ass clown, a cross bow, a scorpion and very dangerous beads. I've already watched it twice and still laugh until it hurts.

I wasn't clowning around with my work today. Broke the record for most words this month written in a single day. Wahoo!

And I didn't even write all day. No sir. It was way too beautiful outside for that nonsense.

I took a break to walk with my friend Deb, who isn't a clown, but is very funny. And we got lost only twice -- an improvement for us!

And I took another lovely break to walk with my friend, Riley, who in fact is a professional clown. Sometimes. When she's not writing or performing in live theater for children or the other bazillion things she does so well. We finally had cupcakes at the Cupcake Cafe. Mine was red velvet with cream cheese icing. And so was Riley's.

During the rest of the day, I did three writing sessions -- one as soon as I woke, one in the afternoon and one in the evening.

So, if you don't mind, I'm outta here. It's time to play Scrabble with hubby. Maybe I'll make the word "clown," worth ten points, unless it's on a triple word score. Look out!

Here are the awesome, astounding, astronomical, amazing numbers:

Today's word count: 6,782
Total word count: 44,364
Goal: 50,000 words
Days remaining: 3

Today's Trivia Question: Coulrophobia is the name for the fear of what thing?

Answer to Yesterday's Trivia Question: A group of turkeys is called a rafter. (Also, the staff at Fox News. I'm just saying.)

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