December 17, 2010

Season for Sharing, Day 5 -- Big Dog Ranch Rescue

If you are a dog lover, which I have been turned into by my pooch-loving hubby and son, you might want to support this place -- BIG DOG RANCH RESCUE.

We visited several times because it's so much fun to walk through the gate and be greeted by a ton of dogs lopping toward you. They come to visit because they are free to wander around and enjoy the large space on the ranch, that even includes a small pond.

Most of the dogs are weimaraners.

All the dogs need a good home, even though the Big Dog Ranch Rescue is a wonderful temporary home and the people who work there are so dedicated.

It's where we got our two bozos -- Teddy and Benji -- affectionately called Theodorable and Butthead!

Thanks for considering the Big Dog Ranch Rescue in your holiday giving or any of the organizations mentioned this week at Wild About Words.

May YOUR holidays be happy, healthy and filled with peace!

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