May 4, 2011

Sending Your Child, er, Book Into the World

When someone asks which of my books is my favorite, I say, "That's a little like asking me to choose which of my children I like best."

My books are a bit like my children. I put time, energy and heart into them and send them into the world, hoping mightily, but having no idea what will happen next.

In fact, How to Survive Middle School, was inspired by the tough times our children had during those turbulent adolescent years. (And memories of my, ahem, challenging adolescence.)

This book seems to have struck a chord with readers.

I just found out How to Survive Middle School will be St. Lucie County's "One Book/One Community" for the 2011/2012 school year. I'll be speaking at a number of events and schools throughout the year. My favorite part is that my publisher, Random House, has generously agreed to donate books to a shelter for abused women and children and to donate books to lower income families in a "Read it Forward" program, where participants read the book then share it with another family.

A world of appreciation to the St. Lucie County Reading Council, for inviting me to participate. And for their dedicated, passionate work to connect children and literature in fun, meaningful ways.

Donna and Debbie Remington, media specialist and president, St. Lucie County Reading Council

I'm thrilled that How to Survive Middle School has been nominated for the New York State Reading Association 2012 Charlotte Award. The committee chose ten books in four categories from hundreds and hundreds of books. It's an honor to be on this list!

And my book will be featured at Scholastic Book Fairs this fall. My friends from Page Turner Adventures are making a hilarious video (about a rapping hamster) that will be shown to middle school students before they browse the book fair. And this fun sneak preview, which includes my book, has been sent to educators and media specialists across the country.

My books aren't the only things I'm sending out into the world.

Yesterday, hubby and I toured the college campus where our oldest son will attend school next year. It was so exciting to hear about the opportunities he'll be given. We are really proud of him for getting to this point.

And we're really happy that How to Survive Middle School is doing so well because -- HOLY HIGHER EDUCATION! -- college sure ain't cheap.


Kathy R. said...

Thanks for sharing your news and successes, Donna. And the photo of your son -- he sure is handsome!!

guesswho said...

Whoever that kid is at the bottom sure is an uggo.

Andrew said...

Or is it whom...

Wild About Words said...

Thanks, Kathy!
And "Guess Who(m)" had better not be posting comments on this blog while at school! Love you!