January 17, 2012

Want to Write a Picture Book in 2012?

How about 12 picture books?

The inspiring Julie Hedlund has created a vibrant community of writers pledging to write 12 picture books -- one per month -- in 2012.

12x12 in '12

There will be an industry professional blogging at the beginning of each month, offering information and inspiration.  There will be giveaways that will help us reach our goals.  There is an active Facebook page.   A Twitter group. 

Want to join the fun?

Check out the F.A.Q. of 12x12 in 2012 to join.  And be sure to do it by January 29th so you will be eligible to win the great prizes.

How did I hear about this very cool community?  On Katie Davis's Brain Burps Podcast about Children's Literature, of course.

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