July 9, 2012

Out to Lunch in Columbus . . .

Back to blogging after a fun week celebrating July 4th and 5th (my birthday) with hubby and son, who flew in so we could spend a few wonderful days together. 

Today, I had a fantastic lunch at Mitchell's Steakhouse.  (Yeah, I know.  I'm a vegetarian.)  But this place was amazing.  Excellent decor, service and FOOD!  I had the most delicious asparagus, creamed spinach and mac & cheese.  You can read about the owner, Cameron Mitchell and his many restaurants here.

Mitchell's Steakhouse in Columbus

Meg Brown and I enjoyed the company of Jeff Lyttle from Chase -- the sponsor of the Children's Writer-in-Residence Program at the Thurber House.

Jeff Lyttle

We had a great time chatting about his son Jack, who just graduated from college, and his sweet black lab and the recent, crazy storms the area has experienced. 

And I had the opportunity to thank him for the unique experiences his company has supported.

Then Meg, being a good sport, joined me for an evening boot camp class at Columbus Commons.  We had to work off those calories from lunch!

Meg Brown in the lower right corner; my thumb in the upper left.

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