November 1, 2009

Bad Friend. Good Writer.

On your mark.
Get set.

Today begins National Novel Writing Month!

I've signed up to complete a 50,000 word novel by November 30th. Think I can do it? Tune in each day to find out.

In order to write today's pages, I canceled on a very good friend. I'd signed up weeks ago to do a volunteer stint with her at our kids' school this afternoon. All afternoon. I realized I had to choose between honoring my commitment with my friend or honoring my commitment to this novel. So I picked up the phone yesterday and cancelled.

Sorry, H.T.

Today's Numbers: 2,540 words
29 days left


Dan R. said...

Doubt you? Are you kidding? I smelled smoke right after lunch and looked outside and saw the dust cloud you're leaving behind you. It was already blotting out the sun down here in WPB.

Unknown said...

can i read it when it is done??
and thanks for the books you recommended, I will check them out.
I know you can do it and well at that, I hope I spelled everything right???

Marileta said...

You GO, girl!