November 6, 2009

The Story Revealed

Didn't have time for exercise this morning, and writing felt like pushing a stroller through wet sand.

Managed to walk the pooch, though, and met the lady whose house was nearly broken into earlier in the week.

She filled me in on the story:

Her husband had been laid off, so he was home when a man climbed their fence (and broke it) and busted a window on their back door.

Hearing a noise, her husband ran to the back yard and was greeted by a twenty-year-old guy with his arm stuck through the window of the back door.

The home owner screamed some words I can't say on this family-friendly blog, charged and tackled the guy. He managed to land a few punches to the kidneys before the man wriggled free and vaulted over the fence.

Running back into his home, the man called police on a portable phone and went out to watch where the man went.

The intruder didn't run, but walked down the street while calling someone on his cell. He was nicely dressed, too. A few blocks away, he slipped into a car and sped away. The same car, the man realized, that has been cruising around the neighborhood lately.

The intruder still hasn't been caught.

Those people now sleep with baseball bats at the ready.

We are extra grateful to have our large, loud dog by our sides.

I wish people realized that when they break into someone's home, they steal a lot more than "things."

Onto the numbers:

Today's word count: 3,414
Total word count: 14,566
Goal: 50,000 words
Days remaining: 24

Today's Trivia Question: How much honey does the average worker bee produce in a lifetime?
A. 1/12 teaspoon
B. 12 tablespoons
C. 1-3/4 cups

Answer to Yesterday's Trivia Question: The first vegetable to be canned was PEAS.


Anonymous said...

Answer is "A" 1/12th teaspoon

Deborah Duxbury said...

I want to say "C". It's a wild guess but this is "Wild About Words" so...