November 28, 2009

Caution: This Might Be Habit-forming

They say it takes 28 days of doing something every day to make it a habit, so I guess this writing thing has become a habit for me.

I cranked out about seventeen pages today . . . and am in spitting distance of my goal now.

A big barrel of thanks to hubby for making this easier for me -- driving the kids places, buying and putting away the groceries, etc. so I can keep cranking out the pages. These little books I write aren't mine alone; they're ours. Our hopes and dreams lie within their potential.

Thanks to Carilynn for today's lovely distraction -- watching The Blind Side at Muvico in West Palm Beach. Very uplifting movie. Great movie. Great friend.

Shout out to Lori and Mary Jane for having us over for yummy berry cake. Just the nutritional boost this writer needed.

And since I'm plumb out of words for today, I'll let the numbers speak for themselves:

Today's word count: 4,305
Total word count: 48,669
Goal: 50,000 words
Days remaining: 2

Today's Trivia Question: In which month are the most babies born?

Answer to Yesterday's Trivia Question: Coulrophobia means fear of clowns.

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