November 19, 2009

Pizza, Anyone?

Are there really only eleven days left in November?

How am I supposed to write more than 25,000 words in only eleven days?

I'm not even halfway there.

So, I think the appropriate course of action is to celebrate with pizza.


That's right, Skippy! I've got a pretty good chunk 'o novel going and I like pizza, so why not?!

I'd share some with you, but, well . . . did you write 24,735 words so far this month? I didn't think so.

Unless you're Mindy Alyse Weiss. Honey, she pumped out 53,660 words in just seventeen days. You go, girlfriend!!!

Mindy, I'll share a slice of pizza with you . . . even though you've made my word count today look a whole lot like chicken scratch.

Today's word count: 655
Total word count: 24,735
Goal: 50,000 words
Days remaining: 11

Today's Trivia Question: Which body part was Alfred Hitchcock missing?

Answer to Yesterday's Trivia Question: The first actress to receive two Oscars before turning 30 was Jodie Foster.


Anonymous said...

You go, Donna! Your word count definitely does NOT look like a whole lot of chicken scratch. Especially since you were away this month. I think it's amazing how much you wrote while traveling!

I'd love to share some pizza with you. Maybe we can get together and celebrate when you hit that 50,000 mark--because I know you can do it!

Wild About Words said...

Thank, Mindy! I stick by my initial assessment: YOU ROCK!

Riley said...

Eat some pizza for me. You're an inspiration!

I'm gonna guess "TOE" for Alfred Hitchcock.